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The iPad Case They Don't Want You To Know About

Business Card Pockets

Use your iPad for business? Zola makes storing business cards easy

Made For iPad

Our Zola case is designed exclusively for the iPad

Stay Charged

Don't worry about your battery dying. Zola keeps it charged

best ipad case

Modern Style

Every facet of the Zola case was designed to look and feel amazing

Launching On Kickstarter

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The Perfect Gift

Zola devices are perfect for anyone who uses an iPad

Pro Series iPad Case With Built-In, Cordless Charger? YES PLEASE!

Ready to REALLY go Pro? Up your game, keep your iPad safe, and never run out of battery. This is the ultimate iPad case from Zola Devices. In such a Wireless, Digital World, why does it feel like we're either tripping over wires, losing wires, and basically can't live without wires? Is there some kind of marionette puppet master laughing at us when we freak out after losing a charging cable? If there is, this is our revenge. A cordless charging dock built into your exquisitely designed, sleek, professional iPad case.

Oh Yeah! Sign Me Up For THAT Case!

Confidence Never Looked So Good.

Look, if you're already using an iPad for business, meetings, presentations, and everything in between, you're already pretty slick. But now? Now you can REALLY step up your game. In addition to the built-in charging dock, this iPad case was designed with business in mind. Stay on-the-go with its uniquely designed pouch perfect for business cards, contracts, card swipers, presentation connectors, and more. It's the best of both worlds: Travel Light AND in remarkable style. Walk into a room with this case, and everyone will know you mean business.

I DO Mean Business and I Want That Case

What Good Is A Busted iPad?

We've told you about the unique, fancier features of this incredible iPad case, but we haven't told you about the best part. This, above all else, matters the most: Protection. After all, what good is a sleek, business-focused case with a built-in charger when you've got a busted iPad because the case did nothing to protect it from that unexpected drop? Useless. That's why, in addition to all of its amazing features, this case is STRONG. Pun Fun: Did we plead our CASE?

Yes! You Did And I'm All In!

“This case is just perfect.”

About us

We have created a iPad Case that fills the void that the market place has been missing. With the combination of sleek design and a powerful charge there is nothing out there like it. Zola was designed for the person who can’t afford a dead battery. Nothing kills the focus on a transaction or project like a dead battery. We developed this with your business and personal life in mind. Zola revolutionizes technology and keeps your business running even when your not.



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